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About US

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About Us

We look at things a bit differently, we see potential in everything around us, and we get a huge thrill from creating products that result in a positive impact on the people who use them.

Continuous research helps us understand customers’ needs and build engaging and relevant products. Our solutions combine advanced technology and years of marketing expertise.

We believe in developing and maintaining meaningful and effective partnerships by fulfilling our commitments, preserving an atmosphere of respect and dignity, and sustaining a high level of character and integrity.

What We Do

Browser Addons

Our cross-browser extensions platform allows users to enjoy them in any of their favorite browsers.

Mobile applications

We build highly functional mobile apps in multiple domains.

Fraud Detection

With proprietary fraud detection system we controls and ensures and our traffic quality.

In-House Technologies

Our in-house technology allows us to measure and optimize the way our users interact with our products.


With marketing experience and strong technology, we target audiences and promote our products.

Real Time Optimization

Our ability to automate and optimize in real-time is the key.

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  • Email [email protected]
  • Phone +1 (302) 208-5093
  • Address 1000 North West Street.
    Wilmington, DE 19801